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New: CoreMelt FREE now includes the DSLR Deflat, BMCC Deflat and Source Timecode plugins for FCP X users. FCP X does not have the option to burn in Source Timecode into a clip. This is often needed for dailies or for sending preview versions to producers or clients. This free plugin from CoreMelt will allow you to burn in source timecode into the clip easily and export it. See here for details.

For FCP X users: 10 free write on transitions

Starting with VeeYou back in 2003, CoreMelt has a long history of giving stuff away. We've wrapped up some of the best plugins out of our V2 range of products, and are offering them in one bundle, all for nix! For more free stuff from CoreMelt also checkout our free set of Motion Templates available in the App Store.


FCP X Users: CoreMeltFREE! Offers 10 Free Transitions in the Category "V2 Free Templates" for FCP X users and 18 plugins from our V2 Plugin Set including:

Click on the plugin names for more info.

Advanced Vignette, RGB Levels and Curves, DLSR Deflat, BMCC Deflat

Dewrinkler, Old TV, Source Timecode

Blowout, Godrays

3D Shatter, Analog Glitch

Soft Edge Wipe, Blend Mode Dissolve, Curl Apart, Exposure Flash

Delta V:
Projector Malfunction, Random Crop, Video screens 2way

The following plugins work in FCP 7 , After Effects, Premiere Pro and Motion but not yet in FCP X

ImageFlow FX:
Multipop Forward, Filmstrip, Carousel, Continuous Random Pan, Image Grid

8 Band EQ, 16 Band EQ, 127 Band EQ, EQ Line Segments, EQ Simple 3D, EQ Pixelstix 3D, EQ Tower Cities, VU Analog, VU Digital, VU Rolling Gauge, VU Audio Radar, WV Oscilloscope, WV Voiceprint, WV Waveforms 3D

Premiere Pro Users: CoreMelt FREE includes 10 Free Plugins underActiveText, reusable text animations in Premiere Pro.

Download CoreMeltFREE!


Final Cut Pro X Apple Motion 5 4k


  • FCP X
  • Motion 5
  • Premiere Pro CS4-CC 2015

"Free plugins from CoreMelt? I would gladly pay for them as the ones I already own are many of my absolute favorites."
Steve Douglas - ken stone's FCP

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