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Premiere Pro Users

The full range of CoreMelt plugins are available to Premiere Pro users, if you have an existing license, just download our latest version to get your plugins in Premiere Pro.  For all new customers one license allows you to use your plugins on all hosts:  FCP 7, FCP X, After Effects, Motion and Premiere Pro! (Mac OS X only).  Lock & Load X is available in Premiere Pro but requires CS5.5 or later and 10.6.  Please see here for an intro to Lock & Load on Premiere Pro.

Please Note the following limitations on using CoreMelt plugins in Premiere Pro.

  1. Generator effects like ImageFlow appear in the list of filters, to use them we suggest adding them to either "Black Video" or "Transparent Video" from the File -> New menu.

  2. Custom parameters like our registration tool and the help pages are collapsed when you first add the plugin. To view them you need to click on the triangles circled in red below the plugin name, as shown here:

  3. Transition effects are not available as native transitions.  To use any of the V2 transitions in your timeline you need to access them from the video effects menu and select a second image input.  The transition automatically applies over the clip length.  See this tutorial video for full details.

Try out the whole CoreMelt range of over 220 powerful and easy to use plugins.

Try a free trial to test them for yourself on Adobe Permiere Pro CS4-CS6 (Mac OS X Only).  All the CoreMelt plugins including ImageFlow Fx instant image montages, Luminous Glows and Blurs, Shatter, Grunge and Distortion effects and a full range of transitions are available in Premiere Pro.


Download CoreMelt Complete V2


After installing CoreMelt Complete, start Premiere Pro holding the shift key to rebuild the plugin cache or you will not see our plugins appear!