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Use the icon in bottom right of each video to play the tutorial full screen.

SliceX Introduction to Mocha

Track spline masks inside FCP X using SliceX powered by Mocha from CoreMelton Vimeo.

SliceX Pixelation and Skinfix Tutorial

How to track masks for Skin smoothing and pixelation (witness protection) in FCP X using SliceX powered by Mocha fromCoreMelt on Vimeo.

SliceX Cutting Holes in Masks

SliceX Use with Any Effect

SliceX Combine Tracking with Stabilisation

SliceX Combine tracking and keyframing

SliceX Keyframing Tutorial

Mikey Bouchereau Tutorial

Custom onscreen controls let you create shapes instantly

Use with built in effects, the color board or other plugins

Depth of Field & Tilt Shift

Remove unwanted objects in frame