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LUTx 4 - Tutorials

Coremelt LUTx 4 is the most powerful creative LUT solution for Apple Final Cut Pro. The LUTx 4 Color Looks Bundle includes  Five LUT collections designed by professional colorists, DOP's and film makers with decades of experience in the industry. Unique features include intuitive RGB & exposure sliders, real-time LUT previews in the LUT Browser and real-time comparisons pre- and post-grade.

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LUTx 4: The Most Powerful Creative LUT Utility for Final Cut Pro

LUTx 4: Apply a Look LUT in Final Cut Pro

LUTx 4: Apply Camera Input LUTs in Final Cut Pro

LUTx 4: Apply Camera and Look Look in Final Cut Pro

LUTx4: Apply a LUT on HDR Footage