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VFXMarket Motion Template Installation

Install Instructions for Motion Templates from VFXMarket for FCP X and Motion.

Please note these templates require FCP X 10.2 or Motion 5.2 or later. They will not work on FCP X 10.1 or earlier or Motion 5.1 or earlier.

To install motion templates from VFXMarket, please:

  • Download the Coremelt Motion Template Tool zip package
  • Un-compress it and move the app to the Applications folder
  • Double-click to run the app


VFXMarket Installer Tool screenshot

When you purchase one, or multiple, templates you will immediately get access to a page with a download link for the Motion Template install packages for your purchased templates.  

There is one package per template, each with the ".mtzip" extension.

You will also get these links and a tax invoice via email. This email will come from, please check your spam folder if you don't receive it.  Please note the unique download link you are sent will expire in 7 days, so please download within this time.

mtzip package icon illustration

After downloading, your installers should be in the Downloads folder unless you have changed the defaults in your browser.

Please quit FCP X and Motion.

Motion Template Download Directory

There are multiple ways to install:

  1. Double-click individual ".mtzip" files
  2. Select multiple files, then right-click and "open"
  3. Drag .mtzip files to the Motion Templates Tool window to start the installation process
  4. Click "Install Templates" in the app window
  5. Choose "Open" from the Motion Templates Tool menu

click the "Install" button, and wait for the installation to complete.

Install Templates

Now you can start FCP X or Motion.

The Template(s) you have purchased will appear under the Generators browser starting with "CX Category" depending on what they were listed under on VFXMarket.  For example templates in the Opener section will appear under "CX Opener" in your library under Generators.

The list of categories they will be under is:

  • CX Corporate
  • CX Event Promo
  • CX Gallery
  • CX Logo Intro
  • CX Opener
  • CX Intro
Please note that Generators are in a different location in FCP X 10.3 vs FCP X 10.2

In FCP X 10.3 Generators are at top left in the browser.

In FCP X 10.2 Generators are at bottom right grouped with effects and transitions.

In Apple Motion Generators are in the library browser at top left.