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Coremelt Plugin Bundles

Purchase our products together and save on the bundles below.

CoreMelt Everything Bundle

This Bundle contains all our plugins. SliceX / TrackX / DriveX powered by Mocha products plus the Lock and Load Stabilizer and our Chromatic comprehensive grading solution, PaintX tracked paint and V2 over 200 plugins.

Everything $349 Full Price over $600, save 50% + !!

Lock and Load + SliceX + TrackX + DriveX + Chromatic + PaintX

This bundle contains all the mocha tracking products, plus our Lock and Load stabilizer, Chromatic grading tools and PaintX.  Does not include the V2 plugin set.

Lock and Load + SX + TX + DX + Chromatic + PaintX $299 Full Price $600+, save 50% +

Chromatic + PaintX

Chromatic comprehensive grading tool plus PaintX tracked paint finishing tool

Full Price $199, save 25%

Chromatic + PaintX $149

Chromatic + Look Collections

Chromatic comprehensive grading tool plus all five of our look collections, Feature Looks, Beauty,Fashion,Food, Sci-Fi Looks, LOMO Looks and Social Media Looks.

Full Price $199, save 25%

Chromatic + Look Collection $149

TrackX + SliceX + DriveX

All three of our SliceX / TrackX / DriveX powered by Mocha products. Track Masks, Graphics, Text, 3D Text and Particles into your shots with our complete set of powered by mocha tools.

Full Price $297, save 33%

SX + TX+ DX $199
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V2 Plugin Set + Lock and Load

Over 220 plugins in the V2 Plugin Set plus Lock and Load stabilizer.

Full Price $299, save 25%

V2 + L&L $249

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All CoreMelt's plugins can be used together to complement each other. SliceX powered by Mocha can be used to create shape masks in any CoreMelt V2 plugin (or other third party effects) and You can combine tracking and stabilizing using Lock and Load and TrackX.

Combine Tracking and Stabilizing: