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Lock & Load Tutorials

Lock & Load X is the fastest and most powerful film and video footage stabilizer for Final Cut Pro X, . Updated August 2019, automatic rolling shutter calculation (no more camera profiles) and cleaner interface, now easier and more powerful than ever.  Free update for existing users, download now.

Lock & Load X is up to 4x faster than the built-in Final Cut Pro X stabilizer and has custom rolling shutter removal rather than one size fits all.  Unlike the built in stabilizer Lock and Load X natively supports Multi-cam clips and has a batch processing option to stabilize many clips at once.

Try it out on your own footage with a  free 14 day trial


Lock and Load, the fastest, most powerful stabilizer for FCP X, just got even better.

Lock & Load Multi Cam Tutorial - Analyzing multicam clips to stabilize them in Final Cut Pro X

Introduction to stabilizing in FCP X with Lock and Load.

Lock and Load stabiliser now faster , optimised for 4K workflows and supports new cameras.

Lock and Load Tutorial on Creating a new Rolling Shutter Coefficient

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