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CoreMelt ShotAnvil is a powerhouse plugin combining tracked paint, masks and graphics inserts together with one click AI person keying, all in a single plugin. ShotAnvil is frequently updated with powerful new tools, templates and tutorials.  Latest editions include, AI powered Silhouette and outline effects, tracked sky inserts and more.

Features include:

  • Powerful compositing in one plugin with multiple different tracks applied
  • AI one click person masking
  • Auto applying of effects only to people, eg night vision
  • Beauty skin smoothing using AI person detection
  • Integrated tracked paint including animated paint strokes
  • Advanced edge feather controls for masking
  • Combine paint, masks, tracking and graphic inserts in one plugin
  • Tracked warping with multiple brushes
  • AI in-painting for removing wires, cables, touch-ups

As always there is a free two week trial available, video tutorials and online documentation.

ShotAnvil is also available as part of the Detonators bundle.

You may have used our previous SliceX / TrackX and PaintX products.  ShotAnvil combines them all plus adds powerful new features including one click AI person masking.  You can use all the same tracked paint tools as in our previous product PaintX, but now you can also paint over tracked masks or graphic inserts in the same plugin.  ShotAnvil also includes new keyers, hue and saturation keyers and enhancements to mask feather controls and animated paint strokes.