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ShotANVIL: Introduction (Tutorial)

ShotANVIL combines PaintX , SliceX and TrackX into one combined editor interface allowing you to do everything in one plugin, with powerful new tools for AI masking, paint, keying and enhanced shape masks.

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Hi, I'm gonna show you the beta of Coremelt ShotANVIL. And, what is ShotANVIL? It is SliceX, PaintX and TrackX in one plugin, uh, with a, a whole bunch of motion templates as starting points and the ability to add additional layers and then build more complex effects apart from the starting ones.

This tutorial is only gonna show you how to use the, uh, templates that we have with ShotANVIL at this stage. There'll be later tutorials to show you how to start building your own.

And in fact, we expect to have several tutorials during the beta stage. So, okay, let's move on.

Okay, so first of all, let me show you. You can install the beta of Shut Anvil and it won't interfere with your, uh, existing other installs of PaintX, SliceX, TrackX.

They will be left untouched. You can still use them the same as you do now. So the new templates under this category here and they're organized into themes in the same themes as Final Cut Pro uses internally.

So we've got blurs, color, light, master, key, stylize, tiling and utility, and there's roughly 30 so far. Now what you'll notice is that they're very similar to using SliceX 4, PaintX 4, TrackX 4. So for example, let's add, uh, masked keying, and we'll add key by saturation onto this clip and then go into open editor.

And the controls are down here. When we click on saturation keyer, you'll see controls here to do with the threshold, roll-off, blur, et cetera of a mask. So I can bring that in, adjust for threshold of the key here to adjust for wave that it applies on the edge. You can see that changing, and this is for roll off to do with the threshold.

You can see that changing as I drag that back and forth and you can see already that gives you a very nice key for things like this where you want a key against white or against black. Now, let's save that. You have to remember like PaintX, uh, to save changes before you go back to a timeline.

And that's just one example. Now they all basically work the same. And of course you can add your own tracked masks to all of these and you can add paint strokes. So I'll show you those in a second. So just to reiterate, you can do everything that PaintX, SliceX and TrackX can do using ShotANVIL. But we've also added a number of new filters and, and new effects such as, uh, keying a person using ai.

Just drop that on there and that's cut out the background just like that. We could then go in and enhance that using, uh, various edge tools, using Things to change the quality blur strength, expand to shrink it, and so on. But for a moment, let's just get rid of that. So there's a different version using the uh, person keyer. Great person drop that on. Now I deliberately made it have a super strong default so you can see what it's doing, but I can, reset this...

Put it back to back to one, put this back to one. And now you can see that when I'm pulling this around, it is only affecting the person and not the background.

Now let's say I wanted to exclude her neck and just color correct for face. So what you can do then is add a shaped mask the same as you can with SliceX.

And I'm going to do a rough mask bit like this. So move this to 50%, sorry, 25% do a mask like this. Hit enter to close the mask and that mask I actually want to subtract from the result, Right?

So now if I put a big soft edge on that and then go to change the Grade Person, let's say again, I'll change saturation up to put much more into her face.

And you can see it's not affecting the neck there. So I can grade just her face there. ShotANVIL also contains, uh, various updated versions of some plugins people have asked for from the V2 plugin set, although now improved, we've built in tracking and and better controls. So for example, Sky Replace you can see is just doing a one one click, uh, color change there and we can pull it down with the masks here, sorry, with the gradient and controls.

And then we could also track a mask for that as well. So you can see what it's doing and surprisingly popular, that one.

So let's get rid of that. Now, there was also various diffusion and glow effects, uh, we used to have in V2. Some people have asked for those back again.

So I'm gonna put blur highlights on which is too strong. So I'm gonna back it off and then I'm gonna limit it to a certain area. So back it off. Here is the threshold for the brightness of area that's being diffused, blurred, and there is a built-in mask. Now you notice that when I try and click to make a new mask, it will automatically replace the mask and make a new one, which most of the time is what you want with these setups.

So let's just say put a new one here. If I wanted to add another mask to the layer, I would instead hold down command while clicking on the shape. So let's just put a feather width on that and then say tracking controls are the same as PaintX. And also just to prove to you, here's all the PaintX tools at the top.

So I could also just start painting, uh, because that's inside the diffusion layer. It wasn't actually doing anything. If I make a new layer and then paint, it's behaving the same as PaintX.

So let's get rid of that useful trick to remember and then just go ahead and track That's going ahead and tracking just like SliceX or TrackX, PaintX, et cetera. Okay, so I've mentioned the PaintX shapes work, uh, PaintX brushes work the same.

You'll see this is the same shapes that we have in SliceX. So if every question is what are these two? And these are the ways that you make your own effects, which is what we're gonna show you in another tutorial. So this is a very brief introduction to just let you jump in and start playing with the built in effects. And we anticipate quite a lot of changes due to your feedback in this beta.

Uh, so please do tell us this is a very big new product and we're very excited about it. Thank you.