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CoreMelt Manager Application - First Time Users

If you are installing a CoreMelt product for the first time this will explain how to install a trial version using CoreMelt Manager.  You should have CoreMelt Manager on a DMG file you downloaded already.  If not then you can download it here.

Launch the CoreMelt Manager application after dragging it to the Applications Folder.

IMPORTANT:  If you don't see the CoreMelt Manager window look for this icon in your top right menu bar.

CoreMelt Manager can run as a background application which you can access at anytime using that icon.  It will keep your CoreMelt products up to date and manage licensing as well as informing you of sales and other news.

Click on "Install" then "Single Products" if you want to install a free trial of any individual product.  IMPORTANT: You don't need a serial for a free trial, you will automatically get 14 days to test the product with no restrictions.  You also don't need an account on the CoreMelt website to get your free trial. 

Alternatively you can go to "Install" then "Bundles" to install different bundles of products again as free trials that don't need a serial.

Once you've installed a product, look for the plugins in effects , generators and transitions in Final Cut Pro in categories starting with C2, eg ModelX is under "C2 ModelX".

If you later decide to purchase any product you will get emailed a serial.  Press the registration button in CoreMelt Manager to enter the serial and register the product.

If you still have a problem installing any free trial or finding the plugins in Final Cut Pro please contact our support.