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SliceX 4 Tutorials

SliceX 4 powered by mocha is a tool for instant shape motion tracking directly on the timeline in Final Cut Pro X. Just draw a shape on your video footage and press track, we use the power of Mocha's Academy Award winning planar tracking engine to follow the motion in your footage. Use the tracked mask to color correct, blur, pixelate, sharpen etc the precise parts of the image you wish, with total control.

Using Tracked Paint and Masks in
Final Cut Pro (SliceX and PaintX)

Cutting Out An Object
Using Shape Mask Layer

Adding A Tilt Shift Effect

Tracking Options Explained

Hide A Sign Or Logo
With Object Remover

Hide an Interview Subject's Face
With Pixelate Shape Mask

Sharpen Shape Mask

Tracking Past An Obstruction

Creating A Glowing Eyes Effect
Using Glow Shape Mask

Highlight An Object Using
Color Correct Shape Mask

How To Hide A License Plate
Using Blur Shape Mask

For more SliceX Tutorials, see this channel on Vimeo: