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Our most common issues regard licensing.  Your license was emailed automatically after purchase, please check spam filters. 

License Issues:

Updating to latest version:

To update to latest versions of our products, go to our downloads page, download and run the installer.  You do not need to uninstall first, you do not need to be logged into our website to download updates.  

Tracking Issues:

If you are having tracking issues with Lock and Load / SliceX / TrackX / DriveX / PaintX, please first try optimising footage inside FCP X and then tracking again.  Also please make sure you are applying the effect to a clip that is directly on the primary storyline.  If you get a bad track result, please realise choosing the correct track area is essential for getting a good result, see this tutorial.

Also please note some TrackX plugins such as "Track layer" are under generators in the library at top right of FCP X, not under effects.

Further info and contact:

For other issues please try searching our knowledge base, it is very likely we have an answer to your issue there.

If the answer is not in our knowledge base please contact us for support using our tech support form.  We will reply within one business day.