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ShotANVIL: Sky Replace (Tutorial)

ShotANVIL combines PaintX , SliceX and TrackX into one combined editor interface allowing you to do everything in one plugin, with powerful new tools for AI masking, paint, keying and enhanced shape masks.

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Hi, I'm gonna show you Sky Replace in ShotANVIL. This is an effect that we had in the Coremelt 2 plugins. Um, and it's back with the addition that you can now use tracking with it as well.

So that was just for default result on this rather overcast, murky sky. Uh, but we can definitely do better than that. So what this is doing behind the scenes is it's combining a gradient, a luma key, and some color keying.

And what you wanna do is adjust these controls so that the horizon is in between the two controls, top of the bottom. And depending on how far you want that to go down, you can, it's a bit below the horizon.

Now all the controls you access here when you click on sky replace horizon, top of horizon bottom. I'm just controlled using these on onscreen controls here. So this source color is for color, we want to replace and I could click on the eyedropper and then change that.

But in this case, I don't really want to do that. Um, you can also adjust for key by changing the S curve here, and you see how that's changing the result.

So you can really get quite a bit of control just playing with these curves and watching as the result updates. So what's, what that is really doing is adjusting the fall off between the area of it that's replaced and the area of that's not replaced.

Now this is for destination color as if we replaced color. So we could go for a deeper blue or a paler, but I wanna put that back to roughly where it was and close that. And then of course there's a softness control, which is kind of like a blur on the mask, right?

So in this case, let's just go down here, save changes, and we could also then use for mix which is built into every effect to just mix that on and off. Now there's one last thing, which is new to this version in, in, uh, ShotANVIL.

In this shot, I don't really have to do any tracking. The horizon is more or less staying the same, but you could, and in that case, I have to have add a shape for tracking because there's no shape on this layer.

It's just a, a series of keys. Um, and draw a shape over horizon. Right now that's limiting the effect to only within the shape, which is fine for now. Then you would hit the track button, let it go all the way to the end, okay? And then turn off the shape.

But the track stays and you'll see as I scrub this, those points will just move slightly to follow the track. So if you did have a shot which was panning down, um, with the horizon height changing, you could definitely track that and let's just exit it, talk it on and off. Again, that is Sky Replace in ShotANVIL.