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CoreMelt Beginners Tutorials for FCP X plugins: Start Here

Not sure where to start on our CoreMelt tutorials? Try these Final Cut Pro tutorials for beginners, learn better ways to stabilize footage, how to track graphics to follow motion and track a mask for color correction. The final tutorial for FCP X shows you how easy it is to track 3D text into a scene.  These FCPX tutorials were created by reviewers and experts and are a great introduction to using our FCP X effects.


TrackX 4: Replacing a Screen in a
Clip with Screen Replace

PaintX 4: Getting Started
With The Interface

PaintX 4: Light Trails Tutorial
“Anime Snow Drift”

How to Hide a Logo or Sign in FCP X
with SliceX 4 Object Remover

Add a Glowing Eyes Effect on a Wolf
in FCP with SliceX 4

Lock & Load: Learn the basics of stabilization and rolling shutter reduction


Once you've mastered all the above, you can dive in with more of our recent tutorials:

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