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CoreMelt Beginners Tutorials for FCP X plugins: Start Here


Not sure where to start on our CoreMelt tutorials? Try these Final Cut Pro tutorials for beginners, learn better ways to stabilize footage, how to track graphics to follow motion and track a mask for color correction. The final tutorial for FCP X shows you how easy it is to track 3D text into a scene.  These FCPX tutorials were created by reviewers and experts and are a great introduction to using our FCP X effects.


Introduction to Stabilizing with Lock and Load, by Dan Allen

In this tutorial for Apple Final Cut Pro X we learn how to use Coremelt Lock & Load stabilizer plugin for FCPX (Also compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects & FCP7) including their advanced and very fast tracker which allows for region exclusion to create better and more optimised tracks that are even customisable to your camera. Lock and Load can speed up any editors workflow.  

Tracking Masks in SliceX, by MacBreak Studio

Check out this episode of MacBreak Studio, where Writer-Director Steve Martin demonstrates how he used Coremelt SliceX to track and enhance a shot in his short film "Cupcake". You can easily replicate this effect in your own existing or future projects.

Remove a shadow and create an
Animated Tilt Shift, by MacBreak Studio

Follow along as Steve Martin uses SliceX to clone-stamp video footage and reduce some distracting ares in the frame. This FCP X effects tutorial then shows you how to enhance the shot further with a Tilt-Shift effect.


Screen Replacement with TrackX, by Mac Break Studio

In this FCP X tutorial for beginners, we show the power of TrackX screen replacement, demonstrated here by Steve Martin from MacBreak Studio. Follow along as Steve uses TrackX to replace the screen of a tablet with GoPro footage, fleshing out the final story details of this endearing coming of age short film.


Once you've mastered all the above, you can dive in more detail into our details in the tutorials on our Intermediate Tutorials Page or get the full details on our Vimeo channels.