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Chromatic and the V2 Plugin set are being discontinued - what does that mean?

Chromatic and the V2 Plugin set are being discontinued - what does that mean?

We have now finalised updating our plugins for Apple Silicon.  In our case it wasn't a simple port as some of our plugins had to be substantially rebuilt due to changes in the plugin API beyond our control. Everything is now Apple Silicon native except Chromatic and the V2 plugin set.  These two products are being discontinued and will not be available as Apple Silicon native.

This is for two reasons, one that they are largely now duplicated by built in functionality. Some of the plugins that are not duplicated will come back in a future product. Secondly these plugins use some obsolete technologies that are not supported in macOS anymore.

Apple Silicon Native Versions of other products.

Do please make sure that you update to the latest versions of the other products using CoreMelt Manager and use the versions ending in 4, eg "C2 DriveX 4".

The older versions can be removed. See this:

Why do I see two versions of PaintX (or another product) installed in two effects categories?

You can still use Chromatic and the the V2 plugin set on an Intel mac or using Rosetta 2 emulation. To do so, first install our plugins as normal, make sure FCP X is not open, download this and put on your desktop or anywhere else, unzip and run it

Please note you need to quit FCP and launch it with this launcher every time you want to use our plugins that are not yet native.

If you need Chromatic and the V2 Plugin set for compatibility with older projects:

We will still make the last version of these products available.  You can see them by going to CoreMelt Manager and ticking the "show discontinued" products tickbox under tools.  You can then install these as normal, and run them on an Intel mac or using Rosetta2 emulation.

IMPORTANT:  These plugins will not be updated for future macOS versions. If you need them for older project compatibility we recommend you keep an Intel mac running macOS Monterey or older if possible, or an Apple Silicon mac running Monterey and archive a copy of Final Cut Pro 10.6 or earlier.


We do value your feedback.  If you regard one of the individual functions of Chromatic or the V2 plugin set as invaluable to your workflow please let us know and we may be able to add similar functionality in future products.

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