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Final Cut Pro 10.6.6 important note before you update

Final Cut Pro plugins use an API called FxPlug which has been updated in several major versions, the latest version is FxPlug 4.  Final Cut Pro 10.6.6 removes the ability to run FxPlug3 plugins on Intel macs or using Rosetta2. Although the current products we sell are all available in FxPlug4 versions this may impact your ability to load old projects.


Projects using Chromatic or the V2 Plugin set cannot be loaded with FCP 10.6.6 or later on Intel or Apple Silicon macs by any means.


Projects using older versions of our other products before version 4 cannot be loaded with FCP 10.6.6 or later on Intel or Apple Silicon macs by any means.


How to tell the difference between versions:  for most products there is a 4 on the end of the effect category to indicate its the FxPlug4 version.  If you are on an Apple Silicon system all native versions are FxPlug4.  StyleX and ModelX only exist in FxPlug4 versions.

If you wish to be able to load older projects that use the V2 Plugin set, Chromatic, or the FxPlug3 versions of SliceX / TrackX / DriveX / PaintX / LUTx then we recommend the following.

  • Back up your project libraries using FCP 10.6.5 or earlier.
  • Back up a copy of FCP 10.6.5 or earlier, you can keep it zipped on your main system drive.
  • DO NOT open projects with FCP 10.6.6 or later or they will be updated and you will not be able to open them again in earlier FCP.
  • If possible consider keeping an Intel mac on Monterey or earlier.  We cannot guarantee that future macOS versions will be able to run FCP under Rosetta2 mode even if you keep the FCP 10.6.5 version available.

Our apologies for the inconvenience, this change was not something we have control over.

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