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Major update with bugfixes to CoreMelt Manager

We received reports of issues regarding installing bundles and CoreMelt Manager not updating install status when uninstalling.  We have worked on those issues and updated CoreMelt Manager.  When launching it should update itself to version 1.0.9, if it fails to update for any reason you can download version 1.0.9 here.

CoreMelt Manager now allows you to have multiple versions of products installed.  This is sometimes needed because our newest FxPlug4 Apple Silicon native updates cannot load the project settings of previous versions.  Use the "Install FxPlug3 version" option when clicking on a product to do so.

For more information see these articles in our knowledge base:

Why do I see two versions of PaintX (or another product) installed in two effects categories?

How do I load project files from previous plugin versions?

Please contact us if you have more problems or questions

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