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NAB 2017 Presentations: Chromatic Color Grading Plugin

Also revealed at NAB2017 in beta: Chromatic, our all in one color grading plugin that combines curves, color wheels, tracked masks, inside-outside mask grades, selective color correction, LUT loading and management and degrain, regrain all in one tool.  That sounds like a pretty big claim, so just watch the beta reveal video: 

 Recorded at the LumaForge Faster Together Stage

Ok, some notes on the above.  It's a beta and the user interface will change before release.  Some people have asked if the controls could be in the inspector now that it's resizable, we will look into that as an option (eg support both controls the inspector and in a floating window).  There is a lot of other ideas we would like to add to this as well, but I'd prefer not to make promises until we've done more testing.  Just rest assured that what you see here is not all that will be in the final release.

Pricing is to be determined but it will be in line with our other products and people that already own SliceX or any bundle that contains SliceX will get a discount.  We hope to release this within six weeks, but of course these things can never be 100 percent certain.

Want in on the beta?  Please contact us, but only if you are willing to give detailed feedback and accept that it may crash FCP X during the beta period.

Screenshots (remember it's beta the the user interface will change):


Above video recorded at the LumaForge Faster Together Stage, make sure you catch the videos of the rest of the sessions which will be online soon.

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