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PaintX is now Apple Silicon Native.

PaintX has been updated and now runs natively both on Apple Silicon systems and Intel mac systems.  This is a free update for existing customers of PaintX.  To get the free update, please launch CoreMelt Manager, CoreMelt Manager should first update itself. then it will download the new version of PaintX.  Please note Lock and Load, StyleX and ModelX were already Apple Silicon native and can also be installed using CoreMelt Manager.

Important Note:

The new version called PaintX 4 cannot load project settings from previous versions of PaintX.  This is due to some changes beyond our control, more info.  CoreMelt Manager leaves both versions installed.  Please make sure you use the plugin in category "C2 PaintX 4" to use the newer version.

The video below helps you get started in PaintX 4.


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