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LumaTouch Licenses CoreMelt Lock and Load Stabilizer for all LumaFusion Users

Partnership brings industry leading camera movement smoothing to all iOS users of LumaFusion video editing tools.


Sydney, Australia – July 28th, 2021 – CoreMelt Pty Ltd, creators of plugins for Final Cut Pro for over 15 years and LumaTouch (  today announced the release of version 3.0 of LumaFusion for iOS devices including the Lock and Load stabiliser free of charge for all users. Lock and Load is an industry leading best in class stabiliser that has been refined over more than 15 years for users of Final Cut Pro. 


“LumaFusion editors have standards of excellence and expect only the best from each new iteration of the platform,” said Chris Demeris, co-founder and head of engineering for LumaTouch. “When we decided to partner with someone to develop best-in-class stabilization capabilities in LumaFusion v3.0, we knew we had to turn to CoreMelt. We’re proud to announce this powerful new feature in LumaFusion and that CoreMelt’s Lock and Load technology is at the heart of it.”


Lock and Load has been the fastest and most powerful stabiliser for Final Cut Pro users for many years and also allows the user to minimise and reduce rolling shutter reduction from DSLR cameras.  Uniquely, Lock and Load pre-analyzes the footage to calculate the rolling shutter reduction parameters unlike other solutions “one size fits all” approaches.



“We’re thrilled that we can now make our Lock and Load solution available to many more users through LumaFusion” says Roger Bolton, CoreMelt founder and director. “CoreMelt is all about finding ways to bring high-end, complex tools to as many people as possible.  LumaTouch’s users are often shooting on the run in high stress situations and we can now bring them the same simple one click stabilisation that Final Cut Pro users have long had.” 



Lock and Load for LumaFusion Key Features:


  • Available to all users free of charge with integrated UI directly in LumaFusion
  • Advanced smart rolling reduction based on pre-analysis of footage
  • Automatic smart scaling to minimise needed zooming of video after stabilisation


To learn more about Lock and Load in LumaFusion, visit CoreMelt’s product page for tutorials, documentation and tips.


Lock and Load in LumaFusion

Lock and Load in LumaFusion is available now to existing users of LumaFusion 3.0. Upgrade details?  For full information see:



About LumaFusion

LumaFusion is a multitouch mobile editing platform for iOS that delivers professional-caliber video editing with a fluid, intuitive and natural multitouch screen experience and a UI/UX that is inspired by, and specifically designed for, the iOS touch screen.


With a simple, clean yet powerful workflow, the LumaFusion UI has been thoughtfully designed by post production industry veterans with a careful eye toward re-thinking how key features can be - and should be - presented, accessible and elegantly deployed within a touch screen environment. LumaFusion presents a single, glass-panel window into a fluid, intuitive and inspiring story-telling environment, with features and function literally right beneath your fingertips - and not buried in disruptive, clumsy and antiquated menu/submenu user interfaces so ubiquitous in legacy editing platforms. 


This approach has made LumaFusion the editing platform of choice for novices and professionals alike as the elegant presentation of feature sets discoverable during the creative process has effectively recaptured the joy of storytelling, the joy of editing.


About Luma Touch, LLC

LumaTouch is a team of passionate engineers, designers, and video professionals dedicated to the development and support of exceptionally creative media software. The co-founders Chris Demiris and Terri Morgan are responsible for the design and development of several leading video editing and effects products on iOS and Windows. For more information, please visit



About CoreMelt

CoreMelt, established in 2005, is a Sydney, Australia-based developer of advanced video plug-in effects for the editorial, compositing, design and visual effects communities. CoreMelt was founded by Roger Bolton, a former Visual Effects Artist who’s film credits include Lord of the Rings, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Kingdom of Heaven.  CoreMelt products are available worldwide through the Internet and resellers.

For additional information on CoreMelt and its range of products, please visit:


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