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Oct 20 2017:   Chromatic was already the most comprehensive grading solution for FCP X. Now we've added even more tools:   Improved Hotkeys, Gallery browser for your stack presets, compare buffers to quickly do shot to shot comparisons, exporting grades as CUBE files PLUS support for the Tangent Ripple control surface. Lastly we've also improved performance on the 2013 Mac Pro systems.  This is a free update if you already own Chromatic, just click the download button and run the installer again and you will be updated to the new Chromatic version.

If you don't own Chromatic yet, you can download and get a 15 day free trial, or take a look at our comprehensive range of tutorials, or our overview video. The new features in this update are show cased below.

  See how we used Chromatic and a few other Coremelt effects to create a rock & roll vibe for Bangkok upstart schlock rock band, Turbostar.
  Compare shots quickly to get consistent shot to shot grading with our compare buffers feature
See previous grading presets you've made in context on the current frame with the Adjustment Stack Gallery, plus see how to export grades as CUBE files
Grade faster using the Tangent Ripple control surface.  See here for additional info.


If you don't have a Tangent Ripple, they are available from some pro video shops such as B&H or using the Amazon links at left.

And don't think we are stopping here, new features planned to come in future for Chromatic include: 

  • Support for HDR and Wide Gamut workflows
  • Additional control surfaces
  • ACES color space
Are we missing something?  Please contact us and tell us what you want to see, we love getting feedback !