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Chromatic Quick Start and Reference Guide

Chromatic is a comprehensive plugin with many tools.  It can be overwhelming if you're not used to other grading tools.  We highly recommend you start by looking over some of our video tutorials, in particular the first two videos on our Chromatic Tutorials page.

Included Plugins

Chromatic includes four plugins:

  • Chromatic Grade:  Comprehensive Grading tool for standard video color space (rec709 or rec601)
  • Chromatic Log Grade: Grading tool for footage shot with cameras using log mode / film color space eg BlackMagic Cinema Film, Sony SLog, Panasonic V-Log etc
  • Film Grain:  Tool for adding grain to video with settings corresponding to ISO and film type, eg 16mm, 35mm.
  • Quick Denoise: This is intended for solving problems where grading may increase sensor noise in low light, it is not intended to be a tool for very noise heavy video.

Recommended workflow for grading many clips

Usually you want to grade every clip in a timeline to some extent.  This can be painful, but this method can save you some headaches.  Add the plugin "Chromatic Grade" or "Chromatic Log Grade" to a single clip.  If using "Log Grade" first choose the correct camera LUT for the footage.  Then select copy (command-C).  Highlight the other clips on the timeline that you want to grade, then select paste attributes (Shift-command-v) and make sure the chromatic plugin is ticked.  This will apply the plugin across all the selected clips.  Then press the "Open Chromatic Grade" button in the inspector.  You will see the floating window for Chromatic with the adjustments available.  You can now grade the first clip, then make sure that no clip is selected in the timeline (click on an empty part of the timeline), then press ; for previous clip and ' for next clip.  This will jump to the desired clip but the chromatic window will stay open and the settings will change to the settings for that clip.  In this way you can grade, next clip, grade, next clip easily with only a few hotkeys.

IMPORTANT:  If you wish to select colors for the curves controls or color replace or draw masks for tracking you need to make sure the chromatic plugin is selected in the inspector by clicking on the plugin name

Working with LUT files 

Chromatic includes full support for working with industry standard CUBE files, and we sell several add on collections, or you can use CUBE files you have purchased elsewhere or import ones you make in BlackMagic Design Resolve.  There are two different ways to work with LUT files.

First you can use the "color LUT" adjustment and then click on "Open LUT Browser" in order to see the current frame with a gallery of available LUT files.

Secondly we have included LUTs for log to rec709 conversion for many common popular cameras such as Black Magic Cameras, Sony A7S2, Panasonic GH5, RED Camera's etc. When using these you can use the "Chromatic Log Grade" template and select the camera type before you copy paste the effect to other clips on the timeline.  This will give you a good starting point for your grading and if necessary you can adjust the exposure of the shot before the Camera LUT is applied.

More documentation coming soon, in the meantime see our comprehensive video tutorials here: