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CoreMelt ModelX FAQ

What object formats can it import? 
USDZ, USDC, obj, and stl at present, please let us know what else you think is important to support
What image formats are supported for textures?
Currently jpg, jpeg, png, tiff, tif, exr, hdr are supported.  EXR and HDR are only for HDR environment maps
Can I import SVG or another vector format? - 
Currently no, but import and extrusion of vector formats is on our list for improvements
Can I export the modified models? 
Not at this point, but it's something we could add if there is demand, e.g. allow you to export back to a USDZ with modified textures.
Does it support Refraction? 
Not at present - we would like to add this in future through a custom metal shader
Will ModelX have tracking?  
it won’t include a tracker initially but we will create a drivex template that lets you track objects to the background video if you have drivex.  Note that gives you 2d tracking with rotation and scaling not 3d camera tracking
Will models look exactly the same as in Sketchfab? -
 As close as we can  make them however, Sketchfab allows 2D filters and styles to be applied in the viewer, those are not in the USDZ files exported from Sketchfab, plus Sketchfab supports refraction which we don’t currently have.
What about 3D models from Turbosquid or elsewhere?  
Currently OBJ would be the best method to import models from there, however you will probably have to reapply textures.  We will look at improving import from other DCC tools and libraries in future.
What's the largest size model you recommend to use with ModelX? 
ModelX is recommended for near real time simple scenes, not scenes that take multiple seconds per frame to render.
Please dont use USDZ files larger than 500 megabytes.
Poly counts should be < 2M polygons, dependent on your GPU capabilities
Max 4k texture map resolutions suggested, with 4 or less materials per object, depending on complexity.
Where are the USDZ files - material files, object files and presets located .  
The preset materials are in
  • /Library/Application Support/CoreMelt/Assets/C2 ModelX/USDZ Materials  
The USDZ objects are in
  • ~/Library/Application Support/CoreMelt/Assets/C2 ModelX/USDZ Files
The camera and light presets are in
  • ~/Library/Application Support/CoreMelt/Assets/C2 ModelX/Presets