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DriveX 4 Documentation

Drive animations with the power of planar tracking

Quickstart Guide

After Installation the plugins appear in category C2 DriveX 4 under both Titles and Effects. They are grouped into four categories. As titles, "C2 DriveX Callouts" and "C2 DriveX 4 3D Text".  As effects they are under "C2 DriveX 4 Effects" and "C2 DriveX 4 Particles" Attach one of the effects or titles directly to the clip you wish to track. Please note the clip you wish to track must be in the primary storyline.  You can also check our video tutorials.

Each motion template provides a different 3D text, Callout, 3D object, distort or particle effect that can be attached to a track point.

Onscreen controls

Track Controls

  Turns green when there is valid track data on the current frame.  Press and hold to access the menu for deleting and managing keyframes
Track backward button, press to track backward
Shows the percent finished when tracking, click to stop tracking.
Track forward button, press to track forward
Tracking options, press to open options window
Track transform on or off toggle
Open help documentation

Keyframe Controls 

Note these controls are for shape keyframes, not parameter keyframes.

  Jump to previous keyframe
Jump to next keyframe
Delete Keyframe on current frame
Delete all keyframes

Included Motion Templates

DriveX includes 30 Motion Templates to perform a wide variety of common tracked effects with 3D Text. 3D models, callouts, distortion effects and particles. They are split over Titles and Effects.

Common Parameters

Most of the templates include the following parameters in common:

Track Controls: Position, Scale, Rotation

These checkboxes control how the track data is applied to the object, to x,y position only, or also controlling scaling and rotation. If you change these options after tracking, there will be a delay while the new keyframes are written to the animation channels. This is normal.

Track Offsets: Position, Scale, Rotation

Using these controls you can apply an offset to the initial position of the object you are tracking. Eg you can track a persons head, then offset a 3D pointer so it floats along side them.

DriveX 4 3D Text

Track 3D Arrow, Track 3D Highlighter
These two motion templates create animated 3D pointers that can be tracked to give attention to part of the clip.

Track 3D Text Basic, Track 3D Text Shadows, Track 3D Text Circle These three templates allow 3D text to be tracked to match background motion. The text can be edited with full control over colour, font, materials etc the same as standard 3D text in FCP X.

DriveX Callouts

These templates allow you to add a text label in various styles with a tracked line and pointer going to the object of interest. You can edit the box size and style and pointer style, change the background colors, edit line widths and more.

DriveX 4 Effects

Template Open in Motion

A simple template with a basic particle system to allow you to easily modify it and add your own particles, text or other object in motion. Check our website for the tutorial video on linking the track data to parameters in motion.

Track Map Pin

Creates a stylised 3D pin that can be tracked to highlight an object in the scene. You can also control the lighting and shadow

Track Distortion

Creates a distorted area of the image which follows the track shape, you can choose from Bulge, Pinch, Twirl or Droplet distortion.

Track Magnifying Glass

Tracks a 3D object Magnifying glass that enlarges the image inside the glass.

Emoji Look at Target

Tracks an attention marker like a callout, a chosen 3D Emoji will turn to follow the attention marker.

DriveX 4 Particles

These templates let you track some common particle effects to add various effects to a clip. The particles speed, color, and other parameters can be controlled.

Track Comet, Track Light Trail

These two templates track an object and leave different types of particle trails behind them. Work great with tracking a finger or tip of a magic wand.

Applying DriveX tracking data to any object in Motion by editing your own Motion Template.

DriveX works by writing the track data generated into a dummy point parameter. You can then use the “link” parameter behaviour in Motion to control any objects position, rotation and scale eg 3D Text, Particles, Shapes or Replicators. Standard layers can also be controlled this way, however that was already possible with the TrackX plugin “Track Layer”.

To create you own Motion Template which uses DriveX track data, open the Template “Template Open in Motion” by right clicking on it in FCP X and selecting “open in motion”.

Then select the group “The Driven Object”, place the objects you want to track inside this group and delete or hide the current star generator that is there.

Then publish any parameters you want inside the group. When you apply the template in FCP X, the track data from the defined track shape will apply to all motion objects inside the group “The Driven Object”.

Technical Support

We have extensive tutorial videos on the CoreMelt DriveX Tutorials page.

You can contact us for support here: CoreMelt Support Ticket Request


If you want to remove DriveX, please use CoreMelt Manager to uninstall.  See here: