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Lock & Load for LumaFusion - Mobile Video Stabilization

 We at CoreMelt are excited to announce that Lock & Load has been integrated directly into the world's best iOS video editing app, LumaFusion 3.0. Now the video stabilization and rolling shutter reduction solution you all know and love from Final Cut Pro is available in the palm of your hand for ipads and iphones.

The stabilization feature is available immediately in the 3.0 update at no additional charge for LumaFusion owners.


Lock & Load Settings and UI in Lumafusion 

Lock & Load has been the fastest and most powerful stabilizer for Final Cut Pro users for many years and also allows the user to minimize and reduce rolling shutter reduction from DSLR cameras. Uniquely, Lock and Load pre-analyzes the footage to calculate the rolling shutter reduction parameters unlike other solutions “one size fits all” approaches. 

We are thrilled to now make Lock & Load available to many more users through LumaFusion. CoreMelt is all about finding ways to bring high-end, complex tools to as many people as possible.

LumaFusion users are often shooting on the run in high stress situations and we can now bring them the same simple one click stabilization that Final Cut Pro users have long had.


  • UI integrated directly in LumaFusion
  • Advanced smart rolling reduction based on pre-analysis of footage
  • Automatic smart scaling to minimise needed zooming of video after stabilisation
  • Available to all LumaFusion 3.0 users free of charge


Please see tutorials below for how to use Lock & Load in Lumafusion.

Lock & Load + LumaFusion QUICKSTART

Stabilizing Footage in LumaFusion



Lock & Load stabilization in LumaFusion is available now to existing users of LumaFusion 3.0. Upgrade details? For full information see:



For more information, see full press release