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PaintX: Tracked Paint and Masks



The latest release of paint X and slice X now fully supports Apple silicon on Final Cut Pro. As part of the update, PaintX now adopts the full screen interface launched with paint X, which is now more powerful and easier to use.

Let's take a look at both.

Here in Final Cut Pro. I'll find the new C2 PaintX 4 category of effects and drag tracked paint onto this clip.

In the inspector. I'll click open editor.

A full screen interface launches with tools at the top panels to the left and transport controls at the bottom.

I want to change the color of some of the flowers on the person on the right. So I'll grab the change color brush.

Before painting change the Hue and saturation here at the top so you can see your changes more easily and change the size and softness of the brush here or with the square bracket keys on your keyboard.

Try to paint your first stroke in one continuous movement because each time you let the mouse button go it's going to make a separate stroke with separate color controls.

You can always erase some of the painted area later. So don't worry if the edges aren't perfect yet.

With this first area painted over you can see this change color brush path on track layer 1.

With that path selected. I can change the brush properties down here and tweak the Hue and saturation if I want to.

Now I'll paint this second area to the right.

I can change the color to the same settings or different settings.


With both areas painted it's time to track by pressing this button.

I'll track forwards.

And then return to the starting point and track backwards.

One great feature about the new interface is because all these areas are moving together in the same way. I can now paint these other nearby flowers without retracting and again, I can use whatever colors I want for each brush stroke.

If I find I've gone too far I can switch to the arrays tool up here check the brush size and then erase any of the brush Strokes that are in the wrong place.

The person on the left is moving in a slightly different way and would need a different track.

Clicking this folder button creates a new layer and I could now add new brush Strokes change the settings and erase any over painting in the same way before tracking it independently.

But because I just want to affect one side of this image, I'll delete this layer.

Now let's say we also want to add a glow to the flowers on the right using slice eggs.

I'll select track layer 1 and from this menu choose copy track data.

Now I can save changes and exit. Back in Final Cut Pro from the new C2 sliceX4 category. I'll add glow shape mask to the same clip and then click open editor in the inspector.

The new full screen interface is similar to paint X except that a glow-shaped mask layer has already been created.

Now I'll head to this motion tracking menu and choose paste track data.

The tools from the previous version of slicex are here at the top so you can use a circle or rectangle tool a polygon tool a bezier tool or a free draw shape tool to make your selection.

I'll choose the free draw shape tool to draw a selection around the whole eyebrow flower area. There's no need to retract.

I can adjust the softness of the shape by selecting free draw shape and then adjusting the feather width below.

And if I select glow shape mask above I can adjust the properties of the glow down below.

When I'm happy with the effect, I'll just press save changes.

And I'm back in Final Cut Pro.

All the older slice X modules are available as separate effects here in Final Cut Pro to sharpen blur pixelate remove or change the color of an area.

simply drag the effect onto a clip and to the full screen interface, make your selection. adjust the settings, and track

PaintX and SliceX for Apple silicon are available now.

You can grab free trials and bundles from

Thanks for watching.