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Scribeomatic is beta, what does that mean?

It means that you may run into some user interface or workflow glitches and we don't yet have all the workflows we want supported as well as we want.  You may experience a crash of the application, however we make sure you are only charged your points after the application has saved the resulting transcribe.  We also never change any of the original media on your storage, our transcribe results are stored as metadata sent back to the FCP X library via XML

So it it usable / useful yet?

Absolutely, they key workflows that can benefit you the most have been tested the most throughly.  Right now you can have a searchable transcript inside FCP X within minutes using Scribeomatic

What cloud service providers are you using?

We talk to all the cloud service providers and select the best options to give you the best results based on the language, dialect and exact workflow.  

What Languages do you support?

This is the current list. Please note Scribeomatic can transcribe in these languages but the application interface and documentation is only in english.  If you want a language that is not on this list please let us know.

English (United States) , English (Great Britain), English (Australia) , English (Canada)  ,English (New Zealand) , Dutch (Netherlands) , French (France) , Finnish (Finland) , German (Germany) , Italian (Italy) , Japanese (Japan) , Korean (Korea) , Spanish (Spain) , Spanish (Mexico) , Thai (Thailand) 

We cannot testify as to the accuracy of other languages apart from English, please use the free points trial to test before you purchase points.  We may be able to give you additional points for testing if you contact us.

Does Scribeomatic work with RAW media formats ? R3D, ProRes RAW, Blackmagic RAW, Canon RAW etc?

At the moment we can read R3D files.  We are looking at adding support for the others at the moment.

Will you include a workflow extension inside FCP X? 

We plan to do this but we can't give an estimate on when yet.

Will you offer subscriptions or additional volume discounts?

Yes we will, contact us directly if you need larger volumes of transcription time and we may be able to already do a better rate.

Is there Academic / non profit discounts?

Yes, contact us and we'll arrange this.

What about other editing applications?  Resolve, Premiere Pro, Avid?

Initially we are focusing on the FCP X market, support for other NLE's may come later.  However you can take the transcriptions from Scribeomatic as ITT or SCC files and load them into Premiere Pro as captions, or export the transcriptions as text files for logging purposes.