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ShotANVIL: In-Painting Brush (Tutorial)

ShotANVIL combines PaintX , SliceX and TrackX into one combined editor interface allowing you to do everything in one plugin, with powerful new tools for AI masking, paint, keying and enhanced shape masks.

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Okay, I'm gonna show you something. Brand new in ShotANVIL. In, in PaintX we had a heal brush, which was basically painting outwards from inwards from the outside, and it kind of worked, but we've now replaced that with something better with an in-painting algorithm.

So we add ShotANVIL Blank because we wanna start off with nothing in this case, and we wanna clean up these power lines a bit.

Not get rid of all of 'em, but just make it look a bit less messy. So this one here, it used to be the, the Heal Brush. It's now the In-Paint brush. Okay. And make sure you select the size that you want first, make sure that the track layer is selected. And then just start making some strokes, Right?

We can do this entire one in one go. And what I would recommend is you don't do too many strokes. You, you track and then add another layer and do more strokes because the larger the, the, uh, the track area from the strokes, the slower the track will be.

So I can go ahead and track that to get rid of that one wire. So the purple is showing you the track area. You can see how it's following the pan down and the heal, or rather the In-Painting is basically following, uh, the background. Now, again, I won't let that go all the way to the end.

I'll just stop it there and show you that. What I would do then is add a new track layer from here, add new layer, and again, start painting to remove this one.

And you'll see it's actually following the cloud texture pretty well there without me having to do much. Okay, now go back over that one again, just tidy this up. Okay. And then the same thing again, I would track that, wait until it's finished, add a new layer and so on. And you, you can also then turn off the other ones so that you can see your result start to finish.

And, you know, I would eventually, I could clean up as much of that as I want to, just by repeating, making a stroke, tracking, making a new layer, and so on. And that is the In-Painting tool in paintbrush, in ShotANVIL.