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ShotANVIL Key By Position Templates

ShotAnvil has tools to refine the results of standard color keyers by restricting the results to a contiguous area using a segmentation algorithm.  To do this you move a point over the object that you want to key and the key is restricted to just that area.  See the screen shot below for an example.

This is useful when a saturation, luma or hue keyer matches multiple objects.  By using the position pointer you can isolate a specific area without using a mask.  The position point can also be tracked as normal.

There are three templates using this method.

  • Key by Saturation and Point
  • Key by Luma and Point
  • Key by Hue and Point

Each has controls for the range of saturation, luma or hue with thresholds and fallout control.  The OSC point control then limits the result according to a contiguous area under the position pointer.