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ShotANVIL: Super Quick Grade Background behind Person Using AI Keying in Final Cut Pro (TUTORIAL)

ShotANVIL combines PaintX , SliceX and TrackX into one combined editor interface allowing you to do everything in one plugin, with powerful new tools for AI masking, paint, keying and enhanced shape masks.

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Here's a quick example of how to use ShotANVIL's grade person effect, to very quickly stylize the background behind a person in a shot.

Add the C2 ShotANVIL > Grade Person effect to your clip, and open the editor. Click the grade person layer, and you can see the various color correction parameters.

The "IN" parameters affect pixels which are inside the AI generated mask of that person. The "OUT" parameters refer to whatever is outside of that shape.

We can just pull down the out saturation parameter to zero, which will shift the entire background to black and white.

Save and exit to see the result.

If you cut the clip in half and remove the effect from the first half, you can play with any number of transitions to affect how the change takes place.

Here's a few other shots demonstrating similar ways of changing the background separately from the foreground using grade person.

Thank you and as always, ping us with any questions.