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ShotANVIL: Track Layer (Tutorial)

ShotANVIL combines PaintX , SliceX and TrackX into one combined editor interface allowing you to do everything in one plugin, with powerful new tools for AI masking, paint, keying and enhanced shape masks.

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Hi, I'm going to show you track layer in ShotANVIL and if you've used TrackX, it's very similar but not exactly the same. So we go down here and add Track Layer to this clip, and then I'm gonna choose an insert image.

So click over here and click there, say apply clip, and then open the editor. Now it's given us a default (mask) shape and it's also given us a cutout shape as a default.

So the cutout shape would be intended for something like fingers going in front of the screen. And in this case, I'm just gonna turn that off, right? And now I'm going to click on Surface Image Layer inside insert layer and hold shift and drag these four points to line up the screened.

And at the moment there's a rounded rectangle applied as a default, which I may or may not want if I wanted to change that to a square. You drag this here and you see that's changing the curvature of the round rectangle. So I could drag that all the way out and then drag again okay, of the surface image layer to actually line it up as, as closely as I want. Now for this example, I'm, I'm just gonna do it very roughly 'cause I'm only showing you the steps involved.

Okay, so now what I want to do is make sure that surface image layer is selected And I can adjust how it's filling here and fit, width, fit height, et cetera. But what I want to do then is again, Surface Image Layer is selected and then hit the track forward button. Now this part is the same as track layer, so we'll just stop that and I'll just show you one other thing quickly, which is that, um, if I wanted to mask a finger back over it, we'd turn this on.

And what we would do is pick something like a finger going over it and track again. Now we'll have a proper tutorial on this later. This is just for, for the beta testers so that you can get going.

But you can see how that's cutting away for screen insert. So you would use whatever shape you want, put it in here, track it over. If you needed multiple shapes with different tracks over the screen, then you'd duplicate this layer by holding alt and dragging right? Then you could get another copy of it and that copy could have its own track and its own shape and you can keep doing that to mask as many layers as you want over the screen.

So that's quick introduction to Track Layer in ShotANVIL. Thank you.