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StyleX: Grunge Documentation

Coremelt StyleX: Grunge is a Final Cut Pro X effect plugin that lets you instantly apply stylized textures and looks to your video in using pre-trained machine learning. 

The 50 included pre-built Styles add texture and change colors in ways that are content based, not merely on the existing colors in the video. These effects cover a range of looks from illustration styles, two-tone printing styles, grunge, and graphic effects.  

This page provides a quick reference guide to the user interface, then we recommend you look at our video tutorials.

User interface overview

Press the "open editor" button after you add StyleX to a clip and the StyleX Preset Browser interface will open in a separate window.  The preset thumbnail gallery can be scrolled using the arrow keys and mouse wheel.

Click a thumbnail to see it previewed in the timeline viewer.

Adjust the size of the thumbnails by scrubbing the thumbnail zoom slider in the lower right of the browser.

You can close the window by pressing "w", clicking the red close butotn in the upper left, or double clicking on your desired Style Preset Thumbnail. 

Keyboard shortcuts

W Close the Style Preset Browser


For more examples of usage of the above tools please take a look at our StyleX tutorials.


Or start with the overview video below.

Some tips for getting better results:

  • By default, StyleX presets are applied at 75% Opacity, using the Source Over blend mode (i.e. "Normal" in Adobe terms). There are several other choices - which can change the final look significantly. Feel free to experiment.
  • We have found that "Soft Light" often creates a detailed, and dramatic effect with a pleasing blend between the original footage, and the StyleX: Grunge presets.
  • Sometimes the thumbnail will appear more contrasty in the preset browser than in the timeline viewer. You can more closely match the look in the preset browser by setting the opacity to 100%, blend mode to "Source Over", and adjusting the contrast or levels settings.