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CoreMelt makes over 50 free plugins and motion templates available for FCP X. These are:

"Apply Basic LUT" and "Apply Camera LUT" allow you to load CUBE LUT files or apply log to video conversions.

CoreMelt is now making the power of mocha tracking in FCP X available completely free. You just need to request a license through our automated form and you will receive a permanent license which lets you use mocha tracking with oval and rectangle masks. Although this is just a small amount of the power of our full SliceX product, it still allows you to perform a lot of common useful tasks.

CoreMelt Motion Templates for FCP X

A set of 10 free Motion Templates for Final Cut Pro X users.  Eight stylish transitions and two free "Glass Effect" titles.  Completely free with no watermarks or limitations, these plugins do not require a registration, just download on the App Store.




CoreMelt FREE! selection of V2 Plugins

The CoreMeltFREE! installer offers 10 Free Transitions in the Category "V2 Free Templates" for FCP X users and 19 plugins from our V2 Plugin Set including the Source Timecode plugin. Again these plugins do not require a registration, just download the installer from our website.




Source Timecode