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Lock and Load is now Apple Silicon Native

We know it's taken a while but our Lock and Load stabilizer is now Apple Silicon native, download it now (FCP version only).  This free update works with your current serial and also works on Intel mac computers and has some other minor bug fixes.  Our other products will be coming as Apple Silicon native soon.  In the meanwhile you can also still use all our products by launching FCP in Rosetta2 mode.  Also new is our product manager application which will automatically keep all plugins up to date.  Download it below.

Important: This Lock and Load update leaves your previous version installed, please use the Lock and Load 4 plugins to use the new version.  Project settings are not shared, if you wish to load old projects with Lock and Load applied you need to leave the old version installed.

What's new with Lock and Load?

The main change of course is being native on Apple Silicon systems, including the M1 Max and M1 Pro.  Speed is considerably improved.  Also all analysing of the movement in clips now happens in the background as part of the applications background tasks queue.  At any time press command-9 to view backgroud tasks including Lock and Load tasks , you can also cancel tasks here.  Because all analysis is now background, batch analysis is no longer available, instead tasks are queued automatically.

Ready to update?  Please install our CoreMelt Manager, which will install the Lock and Load update for you.

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