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SliceX is now Apple Silicon Native, download free update

SliceX is now Apple Silicon Native, download free update

SliceX 4 is now updated to be Apple Silicon native and also comes with major user interface improvements

This update is native on both Apple Silicon and Intel macs including M1 and M2 processors and future Apple Silicon systems. You can download it using our CoreMelt Manager tool, the update will show up automatically. SliceX 4 now uses the same style of full screen editor as PaintX 4, plus now has GPU accelerated tracking.  Please read the important notes below before you install.


SliceX 4 cannot read the project files created with the previous non-Apple silicon native version.  You must use the Rosetta2 version to do that, and it is normal to see an error message about VTwinFx if you leave that version installed please see this support note.  Also it is normal to see two effect categories "C2 SliceX" and "C2 SliceX 4", please use only the ones in "C2 SliceX 4". If you want to remove the old ones see this support note.

New Tutorials:

There is a full set of new tutorials on this version, please watch a few before you use the new version for the first time.  Below is an example of the new full screen user interface which you will see after pressing "open editor" when placing a SliceX 4 Template on a clip.

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