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Tutorial: Stabilizing Vertical Video in LumaFusion with Lock & Load

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This simple video tutorial by Jake Carvey introduces the basic techniques for stabilizing vertical video specifically in LumaFusion, the excellent video editor for iOS devices. LumaFusion recently partnered with CoreMelt to fully integrate our Lock & Load stabilization tech into their app.

For information on using Lock & Load in Apple Final Cut Pro, please check out the official Lock & Load product page, and FCPX specific Lock & Load tutorials

For a general overview of Lock & Load in Lumafusion, we have another tutorial available here: Lock & Load for LumaFusion - Mobile Video Stabilization

This tutorial presented in both video and text formats.

Stabilizing Vertical Video in Lumafusion with Lock & Load


Lock & Load Product Page

Lock & Load Tutorials for Apple Final Cut Pro X 

Robb Montgomery - Smart Film School


Vertical video footage has become more and more popular thanks to social platforms such as tick tock and Instagram. This quick overview is to demonstrate how to shoot, stabilize and edit vertical footage on your iOS device using the recent addition of Lock and load fantastic Luma fusion editor.

Lock and load can enhance footage from many different iPhones and iPads, including adding additional smoothing to recent models with built in stabilization. It can also handle vertical footage from other devices and cameras as well. Some people may not realize it, but Luma fusion will also run on Mac iOS, if your computer has an apple silicone CPU. In my case, I am editing on the Mac Mini with an M one chip and it works great. By default Luma fusion will automatically adjust project settings to match the format of your footage. Just AirDrop your footage and you are good to go.

Editing vertical footage should proceed the same as any other footage. Set your in and out points on the clip and then apply the Lock and Load effect by tapping the effects icon, then the stabilize icon at the top of the panel and then choose a preset.

To refine your settings, open the clip effects editor. Press the stabilize button underneath the timeline and tweak the parameters as desired.

When all is complete, render as usual and share to your favorite platform Luma fusion is a great companion tool for on the go video content creation and has been made even more useful by the stabilization features provided by core mounts Lock and Load.