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TrackX Tutorials

TrackX powered by mocha lets you track text or graphics to follow background motion directly in FCP X. Insert floating lower thirds tracked to people, replace screens or signs, all with one step and no need to use another compositing package. Watch the video below to see what it can do and scroll down to the bottom for detailed tutorials.  Try it out on your own footage with a free 14 day trial

Adding a tracked HUD effect to a clip in FCP X with CoreMelt TrackX

TrackX: Replacing a logo on an object that comes both in and out of frame

Tracking a new head onto a body for a parody video in FCP X

Re-using Track Data in CoreMelt SliceX and TrackX

How to add depth to a flat shot in FCP X by tracking in some out of focus foreground elements.

Better Tracking Results in FCP X

Learn to do a screen replacement in one minute using TrackX in FCP X

How to track and keep a presenter centred in frame in FCP X using TrackX powered by mocha

Replacing a screen on an iPad in FCP X by MacBreak Studio

Creating a "Future Freeze" effect in FCP X using CoreMelt SliceX and TrackX

Track Flares to motion in FCP X with CoreMelt TrackX powered by mocha

Track Ripple Callouts to movement using TrackX powered by Mocha

For more TrackX Tutorials, see this channel on Vimeo: