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What are the FxPlug3 versions of products? Do I still need them?

What is FxPlug ?

FxPlug is the plugin format that Final Cut Pro uses, there has been several generations of this format.  With the switch to Apple Silicon plugins must now use a new FxPlug4 format to be compatible.  All of the products in the Detonators bundle use FxPlug4 and are both Intel and Apple Silicon compatible.

Please note Chromatic and the V2 Plugin set are only available as Intel FxPlug3 versions.  See here for details.

The older Intel only versions of our plugins are FxPlug3 versions.

It is possible to have both versions installed, this is sometimes necessary if you want to load projects made with the previous versions of the plugins.  Unfortunately due to technical issues the new FxPlug4 versions cannot load projects made with the old FxPlug3 versions.

We do recommend you remove the FxPlug3 versions if you do not need them.  There is a tool to do so in our CoreMelt Manager, look for this option in the Tools tab. 

On Apple Silicon macs you can only use the old versions by launching FCP X in Rosetta 2 mode.  To do so, first install our plugins as normal, make sure FCP X is not open, download this and put on your desktop or anywhere else, unzip and run it

Please note you need to quit FCP and launch it with this launcher every time you want to use our plugins that are not yet native.