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Updating to High Sierra

Updating to High Sierra

Roger Bolton

Only versions released after 9/10/17 will function correctly in High Sierra.  In Earlier versions you may experience crashes when applying a small number of the effects. To apply this update you do not need to uninstall your plugins, please download and install them again.  

Please note that if you do a clean install of High Sierra you will need to re-enter your CoreMelt serials again so please do make sure you have them before updating.

Some general advice is that even though we believe CoreMelt plugins now work correctly on High Sierra you may wish to delay updating on your work critical systems or especially if you are in the middle of a project.  This article from Larry Jordan has some good words of advice:

Important Caution About Upgrading to Apple’s High Sierra

Please download the latest version here, please note that the Everything Bundle installer will update all plugins and during install you can select "custom install" and de select the products you have not purchased.

Everything Bundle

All our products, V2, L&L, mocha tools and LUTx

3.0 (413) 10/10/17  

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