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Color Look Up Tables (LUTs) allow you to apply preset color grades by professional colorists easily on your own footage. CoreMelt LUTx 4 is the most powerfully creative LUT solution for Final Cut Pro X. The LUTx 4 color looks bundle includes Five LUT collections . Purchase the LUTx Bundle with all five LUT collections for $99 with over 150 LUTs.   You also get our powerful LUT manager letting you import and manage your own LUTs from elsewhere within FCP X.  LUTx 4 is both Apple Silicon and Intel Native with fast rendering support on both platforms. Comprehensive video tutorials and online documentation are available.

These LUT packs are designed by professional colorists, DOP's and film makers with decades of experience in the industry. Unique features include, custom intuitive sliders, realtime previews of LUTs in our LUT browser, realtime wipe preview and support for applying LUTs on HDR footage. Download a free 14 day trial to test it for yourself. 

LUTx 4 can also load standard LUT cube or dat files in 1D or 3D format, such as ones created in Da Vinci Resolve, Adobe Speedgrade or LUTs contained in dozens of commercial LUT packages on the internet. Using our custom LUT browser you can create and manage your own LUT collections with ease. 
In Addition, LUTx 4 comes with log to video transfer LUTs for common cameras from Sony, Blackmagic Design, Panasonic, Nikon, Canon and more. You can choose to just convert the footage to video color space, or you can combine log conversion and a look LUT in one plugin using our "Apply Camera + Look LUT" template. With the purchase of LUTx you get a download link with all the LUTs in standard cube format so you can also use them in Premiere Pro, Resolve, After Effects or Photoshop.

Preview of the LUTs in the LUTx LOMO Collection

Preview of the LUTs in the LUTx Sci Fi Collection

Preview of the LUTs in the LUTx Social Media Collection

Preview of the LUTs in the Feature Looks Collection.

Preview of the LUTs in the Beauty Fashion Food Collection

Try it yourself, free 14 day trial available