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CoreMelt support for macOS Big Sur

Our latest version (512.16) released 17 November 2020 is supported with Big Sur and the latest FCP 10.5.  We recommend you update to FCP 10.4.10 or 10.5 before you update macOS.

Earlier versions may hang when adding plugins to the timeline, you must update to this version to use Big Sur and FCP X 10.5

As always, we highly recommend you do not update macOS or FCP in the middle of a job.  We are a small company and while we can’t test every hardware combination, we do our best to test internally and leverage our community of beta testers to catch any issues.  

Please download and reinstall from here:
(you do not need to be logged in to our website to download)

You do not need to uninstall first, just run the installers again.  If you do find any issues please let us know.

Specifically you will need to have versions (512.13) of our Everything Bundle, or individual products, and version (165) of Lock and Load.  Earlier versions will not work with Big Sur installed.


Support for Apple Silicon Systems

CoreMelt plugins will support Apple Silicon systems, however we cannot reveal more details at this moment.