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Tutorials: Intermediate - Learn how to get the most from our plugins


Mastered the basics? Take it further by learning how to do screen replacements, track flares and particle effects, replace skies and much more...


Advanced Screen Replacement:
Dealing With Reflections

CoreMelt TrackX is a powerful tool to enable FCP X editors to easily track and insert graphics and layers. Just draw a shape around the object you want to track and the Academy Award winning Mocha planar tracking engine will lock on and allow you to track text, do screen replacements, replace signs and more.

In this tutorial you will learn how to perform screen replacements in FCP X using TrackX, including some tips on dealing with reflections in your scenes.


Motion Tracking 3D Text using DriveX: Adding Fly-In, Fly-Out Animation

Use Coremelt DriveX to create controllable Fly-In Fly-Out 3D Text animations using the built-in power of the Academy Award winning Mocha tracker


Adding Tracked Particle Effects using DriveX

Work along with Apple Certified trainer Iain Anderson as he demonstrates how to use the powerful mocha planar tracker in Coremelt DriveX to merge complex particle systems into your shots directly on the  Final Cut Pro X timeline.


Even if you're a guru, you can learn a thing or two from the tutorials below. Take a look to see if you've missed anything, that might help you elevate your editing, compositing or color correction skills. 


Tracked Color Corrections
with SliceX and Color Finale

MacBreak Studio special guest Sam Mestman shows us how to track secondary color corrections directly in Final Cut Pro X thanks to Color Finale and Coremelt Slice X.

Enhancing a Shot with Package Replacement

This tutorial shows you how to replace a package design in a commercial product shot by replacing  package design artwork using TrackX's mocha powered planar tracking. This techique can be used to obscure or replace a brand logo or to enhance make the logo and artwork more clear.


Tracking Past Occlusions
and Other Advanced Techniques

TrackX generally does a great job with most shots, and will lock on to your subject like a pitbull and allow you to track text, do screen replacements, replace signs and more.

In some cases though, scene elements will interfere momentarily blocking the tracked object, or the object itself will go offscreen for a moment. In this tutorial you will learn some advanced techniques for ensuring solid tracks by dealing directly with occlusions in the foreground.


Adding Tracking to any Motion Effect Particles, 3D Text, Lights or Replicators using DriveX

DriveX includes 20 customizable Motion Templates for a huge potential variety of tracked particle and text effects. Advanced users can edit their own templates to apply tracking to parameters published by Apple Motion 5 effects directly in Final Cut Pro X, with no need to open Motion.

This tutorial shows you to how to modify our included motion templates to include any particle effect you want, tracked to your subject on the timeline.

Once you've mastered all the above, you can dive into more details in the tutorials on our Vimeo channels.