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LUTx Color Looks Bundle - Installation plus usage of CUBE files

The LUTx Color Looks Bundle including all five LUT collections are included inside the Chromatic Installer.  If you have already run that then you do not need to run it again. Otherwise please download and run the Chromatic Installer.

This bundle is licensed with two different serials, please make sure you have entered both of them.  See below for video on entering your serial.

Usage of CUBE files - Using the LUTs in other software such as Resolve or Premiere Pro

The zip available on the downloads page contains all of the LUTs in standard CUBE format which can be used in many different software.  How to use the CUBE files in other software varies according to each software, see here for Premiere Pro:

How to Add LUTs in Premiere Pro 

If you only want to use the LUTs inside Final Cut Pro X, then you do not need these CUBE files so they can be kept or discarded as needed.

Please note you may use these CUBE files on other systems you personally use but according to the terms of our license agreement they cannot be given away or used on other systems you do not own.

 Help on opening our license installer and entering the license key.