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Scribeomatic information and points packages.

These points are used by Scribeomatic to enable transcription time.  During the production beta period transcription method A (faster) = 2 points per minute.  Transcription method B (slower quality) = 3 points per minute.

IMPORTANT: Please do some tests with the 100 free trial points you get on sign up before purchase, we also recommend checking this tutorial on what is acceptable audio for scribeomatic.

Scribeomatic 100 Points


Scribeomatic 200 Points

$19 (5% off)

Scribeomatic 500 Points

$40 (10% off)

Scribeomatic 1000 Points

$80 (20% off)


ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS ON SCRIBEOMATIC POINTS PURCHASES.  Scribeomatic points count as a streaming service and so are not eligible for any after purchase refund period under US, EU, Australian and other law.  In case of problems CoreMelt will issue additional replacement points solely at their own discretion.

If you have not already had a free trial you can obtain 100 points for free using our signup form.  Please also do initial tests with small amounts of audio and read our tips for getting good results.  Please contact us for for additional help if you do not get results you are happy with.