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TrackX: Track Flare, Sharpen, Glow, Track and Lock Down

This is a free update for all existing customers, just download our installer and run it again and you will get the new plugins.  Please note the new Track Flare and Track Flare Complex plugins appear under Effects not under generators like the other TrackX plugins.

New in this update, click on the Track Indicator Button to reveal a menu to delete track data forward or back from the current frame or delete all track data.


Check out the videos below to see the new plugins in action.


 Track Flare, Track Flare Complex: Choose from a range of flare presets with realistic movement.  

Remography flares designed by Photographer / DOP /Director

Remo Camerota

  Track and Lock Down: Track a moving presenter and pin them to the centre of frame 
  Sharpen Shape Mask: Sharpen just the area inside a tracked shape mask with several different algorithms 
   Glow Shape Mask: Apply either Optical Glow or Core Glow to just the area inside a tracked shape mask.

if you are new to SliceX / TrackX check out our Vimeo channels for dozens more tutorials on all the applications of SliceX and TrackX, or see below for our video on all the things you can do with TrackX, from Screen replacements, to tracked text effects, pack replacements and many more uses.