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Scribeomatic from CoreMelt is an all in one solution to allow you to seamlessly add cloud transcription to your existing editing workflow.  Drop a set of clips, an event of clips, or a project from FCP X into Scribeomatic, all your media is then shown ready for transcription.  Limit transcription based on assigned roles or selections then within a few minutes you will start to get your transcription.  The finished transcription can be used for text based search inside FCP X, exported in various text formats or used to create an edit based on selecting sentences in the dialogue.  You can also transcribe finished projects and generate closed captions or burn in the dialogue as titles.

Scribeomatic is an evolving cloud service.  What does that mean? please read the FAQ  Please read our FAQ.

Try it out for free with $10 credit on us.  No upfront purchase is required, the application is free to download and you can obtain 100 points to test the service just by entering your email.  Purchase additional points needed on a pay as you go basis.  Volume discounts and monthly plans will be available at a later date.  Pricing starts as low as 16 cents per minute.  Available as a workflow extension in FCP X and a standalone application.

Scribeomatic Transcription for FCPX: Key Features Illustration

Scribeomatic already works with sync clips and multicam clips and with many major languages, we want to allow you to work the way you're used to, rather than fitting your workflow to us.  Having said that Scribeomatic is still beta software, so please give us feedback on anything that doesn't work or if there is a workflow you desire which is not supported.  We already have several tutorials on our different workflows and will be creating more shortly. 

After installation we suggest you start with the simplest workflow with media with embedded audio.,

Scribeomatic Workflow Diagram

During the introductory period Scribeomatic's pricing is reduced, and CoreMelt support will be pleased to assist you and offer additional replacement points if any issues prevent you getting great service.  

To get started, please signup using the linked form.  You will be sent a points coupon valid for 100 points and a download link.  100 points is valid for between 30-50 minutes of transcription depending on options chosen.

We hope Scribeomatic can already save you many hours of tedious logging in your editing workflow, we will be continuously improving Scribeomatic and would love to hear your feedback.