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PaintX - New shrink / expand brush and frame by frame painting mode

 PaintX , the tracked paint tool for Final Cut Pro X now has a new brush and painting mode as a free update to our existing users. For new users we are offering a 20 percent discount deal for one week, see the coupon below. Watch a couple more tutorials on the new features and try the free trial now.  Download the update from our downloads page.


* offer ends Midnight 20th June 2019 PST, cannot be combined with other offers.

Special pricing also available on Everything bundle and Chromatic + PaintX bundle.  

New Features:

Shrink / Expand Brush: push pixels outwards from the point or line drain or pull them inwards towards the line drawn. Use in combination with the Warp brush for a powerful ability to reshape images with tracked distortions.


Frame by Frame Painting mode: Toggle this to draw brush strokes that are only visible on the current frame that is under the playhead.  The default is for strokes to be visible for every frame of the clip.  Frame by Frame painting can be used for repair of image defects that appear in a single frame, eg dust and dirt on scanned film.  It can also be used to create animated stroke effects such as painting around video frame by frame for a rough animated glitch / glow effect.

Tutorial on shrink / expand brush

Tutorial on Frame by Frame painting

If you haven't done it already, please try our free trial with no water mark or restrictions for two weeks and see the rest of our tutorials.

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