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Scribeomatic Account System and Workflow Extension

Logging in to the CoreMelt website

To use Scribeomatic you must have an account on the CoreMelt website, your points used for transcription are stored with your user account. Even if you have purchased from CoreMelt before, you may not have a user account as creating one at purchase time is optional.

You can register using an email or anyone of several social logins including Facebook, Google etc.  Once you have registered any points from earlier versions of Scribeomatic are moved to your user account, entering coupons to obtain points is no longer needed.

Using the Workflow Extension

Scribeomatic is available as a workflow extension for easy access inside FCP X.  
Please note you must launch Scribeomatic once from the Applications folder before you can access Scribeomatic as a workflow extension.  

Open the workflow extension from the drop down in FCP X as shown.  One main benefit of using Scribeomatic as a workflow extension is that you can save workspace window arrangements including Scribeomatic window and restore them at will.  The same drag and drop functionality works as in the application version, drag a set of clips or an event into Scribeomatic to start.

For more information see the full set of tutorials.

What else is new?

Scribeomatic is now more accurate when using the 3 points per minute option due to advances in the cloud transcription.  We have also improved the workflows for generating captions on edits and have the ability to mark different speakers with editable labels.  See the latest tutorials for more.

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