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BLOG: Latest news from CoreMelt - upcoming products and events

PaintX: Update with new mask output options and new tutorials

PaintX is now even more powerful.  You can access the mask of your painted tracked strokes and apply any other plugins, both ones from CoreMelt and other ones on your tracked strokes in order to manipulate or stylise them.  Use PaintX to create animated glow or glitch outline effects, or use animated masks to reveal paint strokes in dynamic and interesting ways.  This is a free upgrade for current owners of PaintX or bundles containing PaintX.  The tutorials below explain the new mask output options and show one potential usage. Download Free Update  Creating an animated outline glow by applying other plugins...

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Happy New Year from CoreMelt / New Tutorials

Happy new year from CoreMelt! The new year is a great time to learn new tricks in FCP X.  Tracking video can be tricky with some trial and error involved.  We have two new tutorials to cover some of the issues you can commonly face when doing tracking to clean up shots in Final Cut Pro X.  In PaintX, we show you how to deal with the situation where an object moves in front of what you want to paint (occlusion).  In TrackX, we show you how to replace a logo on something that goes both in and out frame.  Keep in mind we...

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Black Friday 2019 and Bug release updates

First the Cybertruck, then CyberMonday.... Grab some huge savings on our plugins and motion templates for Black Friday / CyberMonday 2019. We also have new updates to fix some issues with our plugins with macOS Catalina and FCP X 10.4.7. If you're a new user wanting our entire bundle or just want to purchase some of our products you don't yet have, maybe the super useful PaintX tracked paint plugin or our latest version of Lock and Load stabiliser, then use this deal: 30% off all plugins and plugin bundles : use coupon 19BLPLG30 Our selection of motion templates for backgrounds,...

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Scribeomatic Account System and Workflow Extension

Logging in to the CoreMelt website To use Scribeomatic you must have an account on the CoreMelt website, your points used for transcription are stored with your user account. Even if you have purchased from CoreMelt before, you may not have a user account as creating one at purchase time is optional. You can register using an email or anyone of several social logins including Facebook, Google etc.  Once you have registered any points from earlier versions of Scribeomatic are moved to your user account, entering coupons to obtain points is no longer needed. Using the Workflow Extension Scribeomatic is...

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macOS Catalina - CoreMelt plugins are fully supported

9 October 2019 All of our plugins have been tested on macOS Catalina and with FCP X 10.4.7. You will need to install our plugins versions dated 9/10/19 or later when you update to Catalina, this update is free for all current users.  This is build (507) for all other plugins except Lock and Load and build (160) for Lock and Load.  Earlier versions may experience some graphical issues when rendering in Catalina.  These versions have also been tested on FCP X 10.4.7 and we are not aware of any issues.  All of our plugins are 64 bit and have been...

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