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Happy New Year from CoreMelt / New Tutorials

Happy new year from CoreMelt! The new year is a great time to learn new tricks in FCP X.  Tracking video can be tricky with some trial and error involved.  We have two new tutorials to cover some of the issues you can commonly face when doing tracking to clean up shots in Final Cut Pro X.  In PaintX, we show you how to deal with the situation where an object moves in front of what you want to paint (occlusion).  In TrackX, we show you how to replace a logo on something that goes both in and out frame.  Keep in mind we have channels on vimeo with all our other tutorials for PaintX and TrackX.

Got a question we haven't covered?  Feel free to contact us and send a sample clip, we are happy to look at your footage and explain the best techniques and workflow.

PaintX: How to deal with tracking past occlusions
TrackX: Replacing a logo on an object that comes both in and out of frame

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